• Funds & Electronic Transfer Solutions Limited is a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed mobile money operator, our strength is drawn from an internal team of professionals with strong background in Banking, E-Commerce, and Information and Communication Technology. Our offering combines the following innovative technologies & solutions:

    In its simplest form, fets’ mobile money enables the transfer of money from one point to another (person, business, government) using electronic value of money on basic mobile phones.

    With a country-wide agent network, we assist banks in designing new products and services for the under-banked population through a combined technology and distribution channel to enable a rapid reach out, thereby altering the lives of the beneficiaries - the unbanked customers who are excluded from the formal banking system until now.

    Corporates – we design and deploy payment solutions for corporate organizations and public agencies for payroll, sales and revenue collection. Our typical partners are mainly Banks, Financial Institutions, Mobile Operators, Services providers and Distributors.

    Thousands of satisfied partners and end users have chosen fets’ technologies and products to launch and manage their businesses, using our secure online & mobile payment solutions. fets team is at the edge of online & mobile payment technology, and helping a fast growing number of customers (mainly unbanked) to securely make online payments, pay bills, purchase airtime or transfer funds from their mobile phones.

    “Think Payments, think fets”

    Enhancing the lives of our customers by providing convenient, reliable and affordable payment solutions


    • Revolutionise payment systems in our market
    • Enhance the lives of our customers
    • Create strong and valuable relationships
    • Attract and retain the best talent
    • Deliver shareholder value

    Send us an email for more enquiries: customercare@fetswallet.com

    fets — focusing on online & mobile payment services for today and tomorrow